I Am the Why

I Am the Why

A rock group, movie star, screen writer, comedian and famous musician walk onto my mats…but I don’t know this yet. A Mother, a cancer survivor, a bride to be and a divorcee all sit on the same matts.

A father who has lost his first child, a man who is about to make his first business deal, a boxer who is training for his first fight and an unknown artist share the same goals. From pole dancers, editors, lawyers, pilots and house wives, my mats have many stories.

The mats are met with many types of individuals that are there for one purpose and one purpose only, to find their why.

Why? Why train? Why work so hard? Why get up and sweat with a stranger to achieve a goal that is elusive at the time? Why do we do put ourselves thru this pain threshold or for that matter why do I?

Here is Why: Training isn’t just about the physical, no it is much more than that, it is about the mindset.

I do the training and I am the trainer. I have walked in all of these amazing humans footsteps with them. I have found that each of us are connected to our external goals as well as our internal struggles. Men and woman alike.

Everyone is the same when they walk onto my matts and there in lies the beauty of training. You are not your pain, your beauty, your loss, your achievements or your struggle. You are the why in what you are doing in that moment for yourself. All doubts leave, all worries are forgotten and you are there for just you.

The individual stories and hard work of my clients are Oscar-winning moments of their lives. I cherish every moment being apart of their growth and no matter what stage of life or goals they have been thru, I know that they have worked thru some amazing odds to shine as brightly as they can. What makes these individuals different from you?

Between their why and yours, they have found that the why is the love of themselves. They have realized somewhere along the way in one of those lightbulb moments that time is needed for themselves to rediscover new things, new goals, push boundaries and live without fear or judgement.

In that time and space all traps of society are forgotten, worries are replaced with endorphins and sweat is your friend.

To be there for yourself means you are better out there in your field of dreams. Your why becomes you and it shines from within.

My mats have a lifetime of stories from the ages of 5 yrs to 75 and thru all the years there has not been one moment that I haven’t felt blessed to be in the company of such awe-inspiring humans.   You are my why and I thank you all for allowing me to be apart of your journey.

And I leave you with this, that undiscovered artist, holds exhibitions all over the world. That rock group has hit the top ten in the Uk and Australia, that actress has just walked the red carpet and the screenwriter just got his first signing of a movie. The bride to be is now pregnant, the cancer survivor is a mom of 2 and kicking it everyday, the divorcee is in a new relationship, the pole dancer is about to get married, the pilot is now a solo and the Mom of three feels empowered sexy and strong.

I am the WHY.


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I am here to tell the tale




I am here to tell the tale

Have you ever been stalked by a Cougar. When I mean stalked, I mean by an actual Mountain Lion from the Rocky Mountains of Canada. I have. When a Cougar stalks you, and you are in her sights, it will take a miracle for you to survive. Once the Cougar is upon you, she will roll you over and place her 6-inch nail across your belly and slice you open. No one lives to tell the tale of a Cougar stalking. This, however, did not happen to me…

My stepfamily had left to head down to the ski lodge. Their winter cabin was at the top of the mountain and after dinner, we had all agreed to go down to the lodge to have hot chocolate and listen to some local music.

The Mountain was known for its powder at the time but wasn’t considered a big enough ski hill to have chair lifts or let alone much lighting to lead the way down. I would gather to say the distance from the cabin to the steps of the lodge to be less than 400 metres. A nice enough distance to gently ski down but not a marathon to get to.

I have been called many things in my life; some make me smile others cringe, one of those names is being called Moses by my Mother. The reason is, she said, that ‘I was slower than the second coming of Christ’.
How is she to know, who’s to say, He could be fast. In this particular instance she was right and wrong. I was slow to eat my dinner, slow to put on my ski boots, slow to bundle up for the weather and by this time slow to head out with them. So, last one in the house, I locked up, placed my ski’s into position and was just clicking in my boots getting ready to head to the lodge, when I felt her.

The moon was out full and by all accounts a typical evening for a 13yr old to head down by herself after them, I am a skier and have been skiing since I was two. The snow was fantastic, slightly crisp as my skis glided into it; just a faint crunch sounded from them. The stars were bright, and the moon was so full, not a cloud in the sky, wait a minute…and with that moment I felt her.

I heard a crunch, or maybe I felt her crouch. Either way, she was so close to the powder snow her shadow blended into the moguls under the moonlight, I felt her…my presence was in her sights and everything in that moment just slowed right down and then sped right up.

I remember feeling rather than thinking, feeling that I wasn’t Moses, and I could move faster than the second coming of Christ as long as I didn’t hesitate…Commit I whispered.

I never looked back, to be honest; I don’t even know if she followed me. Those few hundred metres were distanced within seconds and then I was in the lodge gasping that I was being stalked.

This memory was triggered by my cousin’s recent disappearance. It reminded me of that feeling, of sheer terror and yet internal instinct to survive. I am hoping she has this. I am hoping somewhere out there she has her internal instinct to survive. I am praying she is not in terror, or in harms way…but like me just moving a little slower to find her way home.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for sharing the post about my cousin Natalie Perkins, who went missing on February 15 from Byron Bay. It is not a usual thing for her to be without contact with the family for any extended period. Please keep sharing.

She is still missing.