Get off your ass

I am asking you to get off your ass! Being back on the matts again, I have found a few things have changed and yet nothing has changed at all. For instance Fad diets still remain, everyone has know…

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Get off your ass

I am asking you to get off your ass!

Being back on the matts again, I have found a few things have changed and yet nothing has changed at all.

For instance Fad diets still remain, everyone has knowledge but doesn’t know how to apply it to themselves and we all need someone to give us a kick up the ass.

Having been a trainer for over 10 years lots of things have come and gone, but what remains is still the mindset of , ‘If I just lost those extra 5kg I would be happy’…true story.

However, the scale of doom doesn’t dictate how you look or feel about yourself, in fact it does just the opposite. I had a client who recently lost 15kg’s in the last 2 months. First of all let’s pause and say well done mate! But that wasn’t his reaction at all, he went on to tell me that he has plateaud and just wants to lose that extra bit. Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the fact that he has lost 15kg’s, a celebration of sorts wouldn’t you say. But once he stepped on the scale, all that sweat and hard effort went out the window.

In my studio I never had a scale, every now and then I did some measuring on clients if they insisted, but the reality was that the overall benefit of just taking that time out of your day to do something for you, to move your body and learn new things and achieve goals you never thought possible ,for example a full body pushup, meant that your goals were on their way to being achieved. And lo and behold, your clothes fit better, your skin glowed and there was a cheeky smile knowing that you had found the secret to your success.  Marriages were saved, babies were being produced and sexy beings of all shapes and sizes were walking thru my doors because they were empowered within themselves.

Choices these days are endless when it comes to improving your fitness skills, from Crossfit, F45, Muay Thai, Boxing, Running clubs…the list is endless but ultimately it is up to you to get there and do it.

The cost of a trainer for some is too much, however is it?

When I have trained people they are kept to task, their body is worked over completely and they are educated so that once they have attained their goals they can feel competent in the knowledge that they are well equipped to know what they can do and feel confident in any situation or new exercise environment to be successful. My job is too motivate and educate you, full stop!

I have had three children, all cesarean and from that have had to tackle that baby bulge and scar tissue. I am now heading up the range of ticking the box for the over 45 category and yet still can outskip most 20 year olds today. Fitness and mind muscle remain, you just have to dig in and take that time out for you to do it.

The excuses are endless and if I had a dollar for every excuse, well let’s say I would be a very rich woman by now. So here’s the deal, stop the fucking excuses, get your ass in gear and stop setting unachievable goals for yourself that even the top athletes know takes time and dedication. A consistant and persistant mindset is what is required and to get this you will usually find it from those that are doing it or have done it. Ask them, they know the deal. They know how good they feel, how much taller they walk, the confidence that comes from achieving not only your first lady pushup to one day achieving a full range motion( ‘Man’s) pushup. I have found that some of the busiest humans on the earth, whether it be rockstars, corporates to full time mom’s know that if they don’t put that time in for themselves they are resentful, low energy, messes of human beings.  And if they can find the time, so can you!

Doing things in increments, making sure you warm-up correctly and cool down so as not to hurt yourself…maintaining a good balance of body weight and cardio, because let’s face it, I want to be able to wipe my own ass when I am 80 years old and that requires being able to squat and be flexible enough to wipe. By the way this was said to me by an 80+ client who could outskip me!! Her name was Dot.

Her whole life she had had to dedicate it to looking after her disabled son, who by this stage was now in his 60’s, she still had to wipe his bum and lift him from bed to chair, on her own.

So people, you never know what life is going to throw at you, but try to be prepared and that starts with you. The number of times clients have come to my matts and have admitted to being scared. When asked what they were scared of, most of the time it was because they were exposing themselves to something that as humans they felt they should naturally know, but that’s false advertisement.  We all need help and guidance. It would be no different than heading to the ocean and taking up diving without any instruction or advice and just putting on a tank and jumping in, or climbing a boulder in the hopes that my novice ropes would support me. A personal trainer is no different.

Sure there are some horrible excuses for personal trainers out there, the ones that stare at themselves in the mirror or are on their Iphone more than they are paying attention to you. So here are a few guide lines to help you find a good trainer.

  1. Do they practice what they preach?
  2. Do they spend time with you first to find out your goals, past injuries and fears?
  3. Do they have a track record?
  4. Have they had a life experience to be able to relate to where you are coming from.

These are just a few examples that on your first time you should be able to assess and know if you are the right fit. It’s not called personal training for the hell of it. This is your time to shine, be encouraged and also be given a kick up the ass, because lets face it, we all can be couch trainers but a personal trainer will make you do that extra 5 of anything when you would have stopped at 10 before.


I am a trainer, I am the creator of HOTBOD studios and on my matts we sweat, smile and swear…but above all, standards are upheld and goals were achieved.


See you on the matts


I AM just like you






I am just like you.

In fact I am you. I am 18 going to college and working two jobs, I am 27 with my second baby on the way, I am 32 with my third baby arriving, I am 42 going thru a divorce and custody battle, I am heading towards 50 and starting to be comfortable in my skin. I am you and you are me. That statement above is my life in decades to this day. I too, like you have had a multiple number of excuses to not be healthy, to not look after myself, to put others first and to not make time for me.

Reading them back, even I can see that they are legitimate reasons to not being able to find the time. I have real life issues, just like you. What I want to do is show you how you can take an excuse and turn it into an opportunity to change your perspective.

Years ago, too many to mention, I became a Personal Trainer. At the time I was in my mid-thirties entering into what would be considered a younger persons environment.

As my client list grew and word of mouth started to increase my business, I found myself opening my first studio in Australia, which I named HOTBOD. This wasn’t a grandiouse place, by no means. The space was no bigger than 100 metres by 50. Just large enough for a skipping rope and a towel.

In my years of experience of being a trainer I have found that the hardest part for anyone trying to maintain a balanced existence is being consistent. So many things get in the way, important things. Illness is usually the predominant factor whether self inflicted or the common cold. To be able to rock up for your own life is hard.

It is actually easier to have an excuse than to make a date or a time for you. And these excuses are by no means an accusation that your lazy, what you have to own is that they are a realization that you didn’t think enough of yourself to take time out for you.

I have to say I am renowned for putting myself last and everything else first so I suppose that is my excuse and I work on that daily. I am not alone in that. The majority of my clients have always been majority women and we are a funny bunch to say the least. And not in the haha funny but in the huh funny. We want everyone in our life to be happy and will make those sacrifices accordingly, the first being not present for ourselves.

We have many obligations in our life, family of course is always to be number one. Next is work as that keeps the family going and second, third, fourth hell all the way to twenty and everything else in between we are obligated to.

School drop offs, concerts, after school activities, husbands, friends, house maintenance, cooking, shopping this endless list of life. Sometimes you can feel like a used mop, after being run across the floor and then squeezed out only to be dipped back in the murky waters again yet hoping for a shiny surface. But you won’t get a shiny surface if the water is murky. Murky water just keeps getting murkier, in order for a clean start one must change that water.

There are society standards blazing at us, gossip mongers being haters and everyone keeping up with the Jones’s whoever the hell they are their standards are by far unachievable and they have a lot to answer for. Must be hard to be a Jones, just saying.

Set backs are the norm, consistency is the hard part. Please do not beat yourself up over this, we are all in the same wash.

My husband and I designed a course years ago in Australia called the 32B Free Challenge. The course consisted of 3 weeks, training 4 times a week inclusive of our detox and our metabolic nutritional system. It was a success, not only in the turnout, but most importantly in the results. The theory is it takes 21 days to rid yourself of old habits and instead replace them with positive and motivational ones.

The response was fantastic in that I watched shy women turn into strong inspirations to their friends and families, I watched men throw their first punch and lose 14 kgs. But it went on to do much more as those that were apart of our fitness journey went onto become successful trainers, crossfit owners and body builders. How awe inspiring is that to know that we had touched their lives and motivated them to have fitness and a positive attitude thru our courses.

32B Free had been designed for you, the inconsistant globe trotter, whether your globe is four streets between the school drop off and the grocery store to home to travelling 13 countries in a year. Trying to maintain being in shape,is to be your biggest challenge.

Can’t we have it all, my head screams. Others make it look so easy. I myself have been accused of making it look easy. Please note anything in life that looks easy isn’t. Fact. Follow any sports person, any great chef or for me a trainer who is heading into her 50’s and yet still gets asked why I look only in my early 40’s. All of us will say it was sacrifice, hard work, passion and support, and here’s the big one, being lonely.

I believe why 32B Free worked was because we took that lonliness away, we created achievable goals and others to work towards. And we laughed, cried, smiled, sweat a lot, but we swore alot more.

Fitness, a group of like minded people pushing me on got me thru depression, fear and opened the door to happiness and freedom. Maybe we can sweat, smile and swear together someday, I would really like that.

I am just like you. I am that Trainer. I am Hotbod. I am 32B Free.

Meeting Denny, The Gift of Gratitude Part One



In 2008 I was sitting in a classroom on a Friday morning, it was 8:45am and the class was to start for 9am, sharp. By sharp I mean I was sitting in a class of personal trainers who’s job it is to be there before their clients. If anything as a trainer you are always 15 minutes early. As I looked around the large room, I counted the chairs and noticed it was to be a full session albiet two chairs were empty. Must have cancelled I thought. My chair was on the other side of the horsehoe style set up and next to me was a trainer from the Gold coast and beside him an empty chair. Everyone was exchanging pleasantries and names while the instructor was organizing our days agenda, as 9am arrived the door flew open and a man burst thru the doors with the biggest smile on his face.

Without a breathe he went onto explain why he was late, his mornings adventure with his son, his speeding ticket to prove he was trying his hardest to be on time, all with a scottish brogue to add to the chaos. To be honest, it was quite funny and as the teacher smiled and said not to worry, she asked him to take a seat. There were two seats remaining, one just in front of the door he just burst into and the other all the way on the other side of the room. I noticed he scanned the area quickly and instead of taking the convenient chair, he excused himself vivaciously as he manouvered past 25 chairs and trainers to sit just on the other side of me.

‘Hi, my name is Denny’, and with that same gregacious smile he extended his hand to the trainer beside me and then leaned around. ‘Sorry man, I just arrived back from the war and civvie life has some adjusting.’

As it would be, myself, the Gold Coast trainer and Denny were teamed up for that 2 day course to do all of our skills and training together. They were fun, it was a great course and I met heaps of people that weekend. By the close on Sunday night myself and the 38 trainers were a tight nit group of entreprenurial, healthy, energetic minds. What we all want to be around in our lives. Business cards were exchanged, phone numbers and email addresses and I put them in my Filo-fax as reference for working with this crew somehwere in the future. And my scottish friend Denny, he was heading out on a plane to thailand. He was also in the process of starting to write his first book and he was enjoying his newly found single life. I wished him well in his travels and his leap into the world of writing. ‘All the best’, I said and I never heard or saw him again until two years later.



I was unpacking my boxes into a newly leased house. I had been seperated from my husband for sometime and was just starting to get the kids and my business back on track. The internet and phone in this old home were dodgy to say the least, in order to get telephone reception I had to stand in the middle of the street outside to hear slight murmurings and cackles. This day in between packing I was checking on my emails. A message came thru from a Denny Denholm, a book launch called Fighting Your Demons. Somewhere in the back of my head I remembered a man from years before who had said he was going to write a book. But for the life of me I couldn’t remember what he looked like, where he was from was also sketchy, but what the heck I sent him an email back congratulating him and stating that that is a huge effort, one to write it but two to actually put it all together.

An email came back almost instantly, ‘Is this Lisa?, Lisa Hotbod?. At this time I had been in the local newspaper and had been doing a lot around the community. So I didn’t take much notice that maybe that’s how he knew me. But then the email came back, we met years ago on that course, I was the one who was really late!

It jared a memory but not much else, my life had been incredibly busy and meeting people had not been apart of it. It was work, kids, work, kids. We exchanged phone numbers and when he called I was in the middle of the street trying to make out his accent so I could understand that he wanted to meet for coffee when he got back. Or something like that, as the line was crackling he finished off with Saturday, your studio 10am.

But that was also 3 weeks away and Christmas was coming, too much I thought but I agreed and wished him well.


Christmas came and went, it was the first one as a single Mom. My friends were amazing, I didn’t have much money but the love shown to me during this difficult time was magic. New Years came and went and my studio started to pick up again. New years resolutions to get fit with me were adding up, by the Saturday morning of what was to be a coffee date I hadn’t had a lot of time to think about this now mystery man. 10:10 arrived, he was late…hmmmm, wait a minute this is starting to seem really familiar. As I looked to my client who was in for a coffee if this ‘guy’ was a no show, the doors burst open. In walked the most beautiful smile, gregacious laugh and for the first time in too many years to count, I was home.

Fighting Your Demons….the Gift of Gratitude, Part Two


I am wasting time

I am wasting time

I have been burning daylight a lot lately. And when I got down to the crux of why I had been dawdling the only precious commodity that one can never get back (time)I just hung my head in shame and thought, ‘I don’t know’ and the next response ‘What a waste of time’.

We could call it limbo for many reasons, or call this nothingness reorganizing myself, I know we are all guilty of it. Lollygagging on how we look, what people think, what we should say, as well as whiling away the time on people who you know deep down don’t care whether your around or not. You were given gut feelings, trust in them!

That’s the hard realization, when your life changes some people just can’t come with you and instead of them being happy for you, you become shunned like a bad member of the flock. But the very worst procrastinator of all for me has been self doubt on past destructive emotions like jealousy or frustration, not good enough. For the record these have absolutely no place in my life. And is not on my list of time dilly dallying anymore.

Somewhere I got it all backwards, talked myself into thinking that if I spent time on those that didn’t see me or wished they would give me their time,that maybe I would be enough. Maybe they could rise up and feel me, hell I even prayed for their kindness and love. That ended

I especially find myself losing a lot of time looking at the right hand screen on my Face Book page. You know the signal, where it shows who’s on line and who is not. The sad fact is, that that little green dot consumes a lot of my time, it represents someone I love dearly. I turn that Face crack on in the hope that the green dot is still glowing and my heart skips a beat to see that the light is still on. Like a ship lost at sea looking for the light house, when it flickers on I know they are there, waiting, watching and so for this, this is not a loss of time. This is a mother with her only contact to her blood by a dot on a screen.

So I made a promise a few weeks ago. I am choosing to spend my time on the following . Albeit I had to go thru some hoops to get to these realizations, and with any change comes some heated discussions, some goal posts moved and moments of reflection to make hard decisions. And as always there was the usual toss between being my usual pig headed strong self and the other being the humble eyes wide opened character. With all that emotion out of the way, I have no time to waste…here is where you will find me wasting light in 2016.IMG_0236.jpg

I am going to waste time on my husband and love him like it was my last day on earth…everyday. I am going to waste time with my friends and drink red wine and eat fabulous food while the sun goes down on our tropical island we all call home. I am going to waste time motivating people. I am especially going to waste time having a lingering kiss on the lips of my King. I am going to waste your time to, I will waste it by giving you a hug, or winking at you. I am going to be the biggest time waster by listening to you, and enjoying our time we waste together.


While I am at it I am going to waste time boxing, staying fit, having massages, loving my job, meeting people from all over the world. I am going to waste time learning two new languages-concurrently ( I didn’t say successfully), I am going to waste time learning how to dive. I am going to waste time having dinner parties and paddle boarding. I am going to waste time making art again and writing like I can recapture time again. I hope I have encouraged you to waste time also. Life is too damn short.

And If it so happens we get wasted together, then mission accompolished, because we didn’t while our time away , instead we embraced our moments in the presence of everything. Like good time wasters do xxxx










I am a little lost today

It is with deep sadness that I have found out my cousin has died. Confirmation on her body is still being processed, however the prognosis is not good. I thank each and everyone of you who shared her missing post and who took the time to go and look for her.

God Bless her and may she Rest in Peace


I am here to tell the tale




I am here to tell the tale

Have you ever been stalked by a Cougar. When I mean stalked, I mean by an actual Mountain Lion from the Rocky Mountains of Canada. I have. When a Cougar stalks you, and you are in her sights, it will take a miracle for you to survive. Once the Cougar is upon you, she will roll you over and place her 6-inch nail across your belly and slice you open. No one lives to tell the tale of a Cougar stalking. This, however, did not happen to me…

My stepfamily had left to head down to the ski lodge. Their winter cabin was at the top of the mountain and after dinner, we had all agreed to go down to the lodge to have hot chocolate and listen to some local music.

The Mountain was known for its powder at the time but wasn’t considered a big enough ski hill to have chair lifts or let alone much lighting to lead the way down. I would gather to say the distance from the cabin to the steps of the lodge to be less than 400 metres. A nice enough distance to gently ski down but not a marathon to get to.

I have been called many things in my life; some make me smile others cringe, one of those names is being called Moses by my Mother. The reason is, she said, that ‘I was slower than the second coming of Christ’.
How is she to know, who’s to say, He could be fast. In this particular instance she was right and wrong. I was slow to eat my dinner, slow to put on my ski boots, slow to bundle up for the weather and by this time slow to head out with them. So, last one in the house, I locked up, placed my ski’s into position and was just clicking in my boots getting ready to head to the lodge, when I felt her.

The moon was out full and by all accounts a typical evening for a 13yr old to head down by herself after them, I am a skier and have been skiing since I was two. The snow was fantastic, slightly crisp as my skis glided into it; just a faint crunch sounded from them. The stars were bright, and the moon was so full, not a cloud in the sky, wait a minute…and with that moment I felt her.

I heard a crunch, or maybe I felt her crouch. Either way, she was so close to the powder snow her shadow blended into the moguls under the moonlight, I felt her…my presence was in her sights and everything in that moment just slowed right down and then sped right up.

I remember feeling rather than thinking, feeling that I wasn’t Moses, and I could move faster than the second coming of Christ as long as I didn’t hesitate…Commit I whispered.

I never looked back, to be honest; I don’t even know if she followed me. Those few hundred metres were distanced within seconds and then I was in the lodge gasping that I was being stalked.

This memory was triggered by my cousin’s recent disappearance. It reminded me of that feeling, of sheer terror and yet internal instinct to survive. I am hoping she has this. I am hoping somewhere out there she has her internal instinct to survive. I am praying she is not in terror, or in harms way…but like me just moving a little slower to find her way home.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for sharing the post about my cousin Natalie Perkins, who went missing on February 15 from Byron Bay. It is not a usual thing for her to be without contact with the family for any extended period. Please keep sharing.

She is still missing.

Missing Person, My Cousin..This is Real

I would like to thank everyone who in the past 24 hours has shared this post over 200 times. We are cousins,  she is family, she is lost and in need of help.  This is what family and friends do, they help, they look for solutions.  If you know of anyone in Australia who knows of someone…please forward this on.  You can be the difference in my cousins life.

Missing Person, Natalie Perkins – Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Posted on: 23rd February 2016

Date Missing: 15/02/2016

Please help find Natalie Perkins, she has gone missing from the Byron Bay area of New South Wales. Natalie is Canadian, she was leaving her house to attend a doctors appointment. Police are checking to see if she attended.

Natalie was last seen on the 15th February, she does not drive.
She is described as having plaits in her hair and she was wearing shorts, a blue and white striped singlet and a checkered backpack with wallet, phone and makeup in it.

Natalie has a medical condition and her loved ones are extremely worried for her. Please help and if you have seen Natalie then please contact Byron Bay Police on (02) 6685 9499 or 1800 333 000.

Last known location:


I am that ‘CameraMan’

For the past few years I have been behind the scenes and referred to as the ‘Cameraman’ for the filming of Denny
I have been in 45 degrees heat in the Mojave Desert, fully wrapped up from neck to knee and with a beanie on. Oh and we found a stranded boat…yes a boat.
To the beaches of Hahei in New Zealand where they filmed Narnia and Lord of the Rings, it was -12 and raining, I so feel Peter Jackson right now..and he went back and did it another 2 times.  Beanie salute to you my brother.
In the Jungles of Thailand we filmed around roosters and mosquitoes, kick boxers and dogs,  hand on heart the mosquitoes are tougher.
Finally Australia, where we ‘glamped’ in the TajMahal tent and witnessed almost all 30 species that could potentially kill you from crocodiles to pythons and possums….Actually a  possum  slept above my head last night, thankfully I had my beanie with me…leads me to another story about the Python. Leave this for another time.
Bear Grylls camera ‘man’ and I should have a chat about our lack of fame and pay grade ..I am sure he has some tips.  Like for instance what do you do when you run into an adult Cassowary? The crew up at Cape Tribulation have differing stories.
Through it all, the actor, the writer and the muso (Denny) was a professional and it is always a pleasure working with him.  He even gave me a debut at 3:24 in the clip, Learning how to throw the Perfect Jab.  As the team and crew of the film company being fit is part of the job description.
Like I said, me and BG’s Camera guy could spin some stories.
If you get a chance please have a look, would love to hear what you guys think. It’s a lonely ol’ game creating, now we interact.
I am that Camerman, I am that boxer, I am proud of our work…I hope you are too.