Get off your ass

I am asking you to get off your ass! Being back on the matts again, I have found a few things have changed and yet nothing has changed at all. For instance Fad diets still remain, everyone has know…

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Get off your ass

I am asking you to get off your ass!

Being back on the matts again, I have found a few things have changed and yet nothing has changed at all.

For instance Fad diets still remain, everyone has knowledge but doesn’t know how to apply it to themselves and we all need someone to give us a kick up the ass.

Having been a trainer for over 10 years lots of things have come and gone, but what remains is still the mindset of , ‘If I just lost those extra 5kg I would be happy’…true story.

However, the scale of doom doesn’t dictate how you look or feel about yourself, in fact it does just the opposite. I had a client who recently lost 15kg’s in the last 2 months. First of all let’s pause and say well done mate! But that wasn’t his reaction at all, he went on to tell me that he has plateaud and just wants to lose that extra bit. Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the fact that he has lost 15kg’s, a celebration of sorts wouldn’t you say. But once he stepped on the scale, all that sweat and hard effort went out the window.

In my studio I never had a scale, every now and then I did some measuring on clients if they insisted, but the reality was that the overall benefit of just taking that time out of your day to do something for you, to move your body and learn new things and achieve goals you never thought possible ,for example a full body pushup, meant that your goals were on their way to being achieved. And lo and behold, your clothes fit better, your skin glowed and there was a cheeky smile knowing that you had found the secret to your success.  Marriages were saved, babies were being produced and sexy beings of all shapes and sizes were walking thru my doors because they were empowered within themselves.

Choices these days are endless when it comes to improving your fitness skills, from Crossfit, F45, Muay Thai, Boxing, Running clubs…the list is endless but ultimately it is up to you to get there and do it.

The cost of a trainer for some is too much, however is it?

When I have trained people they are kept to task, their body is worked over completely and they are educated so that once they have attained their goals they can feel competent in the knowledge that they are well equipped to know what they can do and feel confident in any situation or new exercise environment to be successful. My job is too motivate and educate you, full stop!

I have had three children, all cesarean and from that have had to tackle that baby bulge and scar tissue. I am now heading up the range of ticking the box for the over 45 category and yet still can outskip most 20 year olds today. Fitness and mind muscle remain, you just have to dig in and take that time out for you to do it.

The excuses are endless and if I had a dollar for every excuse, well let’s say I would be a very rich woman by now. So here’s the deal, stop the fucking excuses, get your ass in gear and stop setting unachievable goals for yourself that even the top athletes know takes time and dedication. A consistant and persistant mindset is what is required and to get this you will usually find it from those that are doing it or have done it. Ask them, they know the deal. They know how good they feel, how much taller they walk, the confidence that comes from achieving not only your first lady pushup to one day achieving a full range motion( ‘Man’s) pushup. I have found that some of the busiest humans on the earth, whether it be rockstars, corporates to full time mom’s know that if they don’t put that time in for themselves they are resentful, low energy, messes of human beings.  And if they can find the time, so can you!

Doing things in increments, making sure you warm-up correctly and cool down so as not to hurt yourself…maintaining a good balance of body weight and cardio, because let’s face it, I want to be able to wipe my own ass when I am 80 years old and that requires being able to squat and be flexible enough to wipe. By the way this was said to me by an 80+ client who could outskip me!! Her name was Dot.

Her whole life she had had to dedicate it to looking after her disabled son, who by this stage was now in his 60’s, she still had to wipe his bum and lift him from bed to chair, on her own.

So people, you never know what life is going to throw at you, but try to be prepared and that starts with you. The number of times clients have come to my matts and have admitted to being scared. When asked what they were scared of, most of the time it was because they were exposing themselves to something that as humans they felt they should naturally know, but that’s false advertisement.  We all need help and guidance. It would be no different than heading to the ocean and taking up diving without any instruction or advice and just putting on a tank and jumping in, or climbing a boulder in the hopes that my novice ropes would support me. A personal trainer is no different.

Sure there are some horrible excuses for personal trainers out there, the ones that stare at themselves in the mirror or are on their Iphone more than they are paying attention to you. So here are a few guide lines to help you find a good trainer.

  1. Do they practice what they preach?
  2. Do they spend time with you first to find out your goals, past injuries and fears?
  3. Do they have a track record?
  4. Have they had a life experience to be able to relate to where you are coming from.

These are just a few examples that on your first time you should be able to assess and know if you are the right fit. It’s not called personal training for the hell of it. This is your time to shine, be encouraged and also be given a kick up the ass, because lets face it, we all can be couch trainers but a personal trainer will make you do that extra 5 of anything when you would have stopped at 10 before.


I am a trainer, I am the creator of HOTBOD studios and on my matts we sweat, smile and swear…but above all, standards are upheld and goals were achieved.


See you on the matts