Meeting Denny, The Gift of Gratitude Part One



In 2008 I was sitting in a classroom on a Friday morning, it was 8:45am and the class was to start for 9am, sharp. By sharp I mean I was sitting in a class of personal trainers who’s job it is to be there before their clients. If anything as a trainer you are always 15 minutes early. As I looked around the large room, I counted the chairs and noticed it was to be a full session albiet two chairs were empty. Must have cancelled I thought. My chair was on the other side of the horsehoe style set up and next to me was a trainer from the Gold coast and beside him an empty chair. Everyone was exchanging pleasantries and names while the instructor was organizing our days agenda, as 9am arrived the door flew open and a man burst thru the doors with the biggest smile on his face.

Without a breathe he went onto explain why he was late, his mornings adventure with his son, his speeding ticket to prove he was trying his hardest to be on time, all with a scottish brogue to add to the chaos. To be honest, it was quite funny and as the teacher smiled and said not to worry, she asked him to take a seat. There were two seats remaining, one just in front of the door he just burst into and the other all the way on the other side of the room. I noticed he scanned the area quickly and instead of taking the convenient chair, he excused himself vivaciously as he manouvered past 25 chairs and trainers to sit just on the other side of me.

‘Hi, my name is Denny’, and with that same gregacious smile he extended his hand to the trainer beside me and then leaned around. ‘Sorry man, I just arrived back from the war and civvie life has some adjusting.’

As it would be, myself, the Gold Coast trainer and Denny were teamed up for that 2 day course to do all of our skills and training together. They were fun, it was a great course and I met heaps of people that weekend. By the close on Sunday night myself and the 38 trainers were a tight nit group of entreprenurial, healthy, energetic minds. What we all want to be around in our lives. Business cards were exchanged, phone numbers and email addresses and I put them in my Filo-fax as reference for working with this crew somehwere in the future. And my scottish friend Denny, he was heading out on a plane to thailand. He was also in the process of starting to write his first book and he was enjoying his newly found single life. I wished him well in his travels and his leap into the world of writing. ‘All the best’, I said and I never heard or saw him again until two years later.



I was unpacking my boxes into a newly leased house. I had been seperated from my husband for sometime and was just starting to get the kids and my business back on track. The internet and phone in this old home were dodgy to say the least, in order to get telephone reception I had to stand in the middle of the street outside to hear slight murmurings and cackles. This day in between packing I was checking on my emails. A message came thru from a Denny Denholm, a book launch called Fighting Your Demons. Somewhere in the back of my head I remembered a man from years before who had said he was going to write a book. But for the life of me I couldn’t remember what he looked like, where he was from was also sketchy, but what the heck I sent him an email back congratulating him and stating that that is a huge effort, one to write it but two to actually put it all together.

An email came back almost instantly, ‘Is this Lisa?, Lisa Hotbod?. At this time I had been in the local newspaper and had been doing a lot around the community. So I didn’t take much notice that maybe that’s how he knew me. But then the email came back, we met years ago on that course, I was the one who was really late!

It jared a memory but not much else, my life had been incredibly busy and meeting people had not been apart of it. It was work, kids, work, kids. We exchanged phone numbers and when he called I was in the middle of the street trying to make out his accent so I could understand that he wanted to meet for coffee when he got back. Or something like that, as the line was crackling he finished off with Saturday, your studio 10am.

But that was also 3 weeks away and Christmas was coming, too much I thought but I agreed and wished him well.


Christmas came and went, it was the first one as a single Mom. My friends were amazing, I didn’t have much money but the love shown to me during this difficult time was magic. New Years came and went and my studio started to pick up again. New years resolutions to get fit with me were adding up, by the Saturday morning of what was to be a coffee date I hadn’t had a lot of time to think about this now mystery man. 10:10 arrived, he was late…hmmmm, wait a minute this is starting to seem really familiar. As I looked to my client who was in for a coffee if this ‘guy’ was a no show, the doors burst open. In walked the most beautiful smile, gregacious laugh and for the first time in too many years to count, I was home.

Fighting Your Demons….the Gift of Gratitude, Part Two



2 thoughts on “Meeting Denny, The Gift of Gratitude Part One

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    1. Thankyou, that means a lot. I really appreciate the feedback, as you know when you sit here behind the screen and write you hope that someone will get something from the experiences good or bad that all of us endure. If we can all communicate and learn from each other then I am in.


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