Missing Person, My Cousin..This is Real

I would like to thank everyone who in the past 24 hours has shared this post over 200 times. We are cousins,  she is family, she is lost and in need of help.  This is what family and friends do, they help, they look for solutions.  If you know of anyone in Australia who knows of someone…please forward this on.  You can be the difference in my cousins life.

Missing Person, Natalie Perkins – Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Posted on: 23rd February 2016

Date Missing: 15/02/2016

Please help find Natalie Perkins, she has gone missing from the Byron Bay area of New South Wales. Natalie is Canadian, she was leaving her house to attend a doctors appointment. Police are checking to see if she attended.

Natalie was last seen on the 15th February, she does not drive.
She is described as having plaits in her hair and she was wearing shorts, a blue and white striped singlet and a checkered backpack with wallet, phone and makeup in it.

Natalie has a medical condition and her loved ones are extremely worried for her. Please help and if you have seen Natalie then please contact Byron Bay Police on (02) 6685 9499 or 1800 333 000.

Last known location:


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