I am Choosing

We have choices, some are harder than others…Do you choose you?


I am choosing

What empowers you? What gives you the strength to go on? What is the difference between you and I that makes one of us want to keep going and the other to jump off a balcony?12471538_10153741778843971_3389353174543910040_o

There was a study done years ago on two teenage boys, identical twins. They had come from a poor background, their Father was in and out of prison and their Mother had died after being beaten by their Father. In their adult years the boys lives were to be very different. One followed in his Father’s steps and became the alcoholic, abusive criminal he was always meant to be and the other? Well he became a Harvard graduate specializing in… heart surgery! When asked why did they become who they were, both their responses were to be the same, ‘What choice did I have.’

Exactly, What choice did they have? Choice. What choices do we have? What choices do you have? As in the study above, the response was perfect. One felt that he had no other option because of how horrible it was for him growing up and yet his identical twin had the same answer and thru that felt he had to do the opposite. Right here is where I get empowered, because we all have that same choice.

If I can be of any help in regards to bad choices, please feel free to gather some from my endless supply, lord knows there are hundreds to pick from my list. But without those decisions I wouldn’t have had Wisdom, Grace or Love.

Personally what I learned from those mysterious identical boys was that you can choose to live your life based on your circumstances and poor me mentality or you can choose to turn that into something glorious, peaceful, engaging and if that includes others on the way then good for you.

And this is where you come in. What empowers you, what choices are you making today that are going to make you either a bitter, miserable empty shell of a person or an inspired, loved and cherished individual.

I KNOW what I am choosing xxx


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