I am that ‘CameraMan’

For the past few years I have been behind the scenes and referred to as the ‘Cameraman’ for the filming of Denny Denholm.com
I have been in 45 degrees heat in the Mojave Desert, fully wrapped up from neck to knee and with a beanie on. Oh and we found a stranded boat…yes a boat.
To the beaches of Hahei in New Zealand where they filmed Narnia and Lord of the Rings, it was -12 and raining, I so feel Peter Jackson right now..and he went back and did it another 2 times.  Beanie salute to you my brother.
In the Jungles of Thailand we filmed around roosters and mosquitoes, kick boxers and dogs,  hand on heart the mosquitoes are tougher.
Finally Australia, where we ‘glamped’ in the TajMahal tent and witnessed almost all 30 species that could potentially kill you from crocodiles to pythons and possums….Actually a  possum  slept above my head last night, thankfully I had my beanie with me…leads me to another story about the Python. Leave this for another time.
Bear Grylls camera ‘man’ and I should have a chat about our lack of fame and pay grade ..I am sure he has some tips.  Like for instance what do you do when you run into an adult Cassowary? The crew up at Cape Tribulation have differing stories.
Through it all, the actor, the writer and the muso (Denny) was a professional and it is always a pleasure working with him.  He even gave me a debut at 3:24 in the clip, Learning how to throw the Perfect Jab.  As the team and crew of the film company being fit is part of the job description.
Like I said, me and BG’s Camera guy could spin some stories.
If you get a chance please have a look, would love to hear what you guys think. It’s a lonely ol’ game creating, now we interact.
I am that Camerman, I am that boxer, I am proud of our work…I hope you are too.


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