I am Hotbod, I am that Trainer


I am HotBod, I am that trainer

Like any great idea, THIS seemed like an amazing idea.

Ten years ago I became a trainer. I entered into a field that was deemed for younger, fitter, energizer bunnies of both the male and female type. I still remember at the time feeling like such an oldie as I entered into the classroom of what would be my future graduating class of 20 something’s.

Who did I think I was to be here? A Mom of three, past the age of lycra and not a top athlete. What could I offer?

….’just lil’ol me’…(echoed my insecurity)

When I was growing up, and things were all messed up, it was exercise that pulled me through. Not just any exercise, but real physical exercise. ‘The kind that you left all your problems at the door for’.

Where chin sweat was your ultimate goal!

In my background I am a skier, water skier, runner and what I found out about myself was that they were all solo sports. They were done on my own time, my own space and I always felt a sense of personal achievement when I conquered them.

When I discovered boxing, I had found my sport.

Boxing found me in my early thirties. Classes were being held at the local gym that had been around for over 30 years. The family that ran it knew everyone and everyone knew them. It was an old school gym, where weights had been collected over the years from garage sales and embroidered art of Rocky adorned the brick halls. Upstairs they had laid down fake green grass as matting. As long as you brought your towel you were sure not to catch anything. But hygiene aside, it had grit, and smelled like dirty socks that had been left in the corner, then sprayed with Dettol.

I loved it.

Boxing was a sport I could do on my own or in a group and yet still have my own space, create my own goals and work to get those throws right. But besides all that, I felt strong. Mentally strong. The bonus was that it worked everything about me, my shoulders, stomach, legs, ass, those jiggly bits…basically everything that every woman works towards.

How do I know….I am Hotbod, PT. That was the name of my studio. Sort of set myself up there, as once it was named, I had some big shoes to fill. Or rather Lorna Janes.

But the pressure just wasn’t on me, I applied it to anyone who walked thru those doors.

And they did come thru those doors. They came by word of mouth, curiosity and results.

Hotbod Studio was not a big, flashy space. It contained 6 kettle bells, a skipping rope, a fish named Balboa….and a Boxing bag. No scales and one mirror, oh and Art. Always art. In reality the ‘Studio’ was no bigger than a double bed. But it worked.

I was booked out from 5am til 9pm, 5 days a week. It turns out my age, my experience, my 3 children and my love of those clients who walked thru those studio doors was what they were looking for. But let’s face it, they came looking for results, and results they got!

Most had never experienced putting the gloves on, or having handwraps properly placed let alone given a couple of rounds. My clients had gone from never hitting a bag before to showing up with their own handwraps and their prized possessions, their very own gloves. They had pink, camouflage, silver, black, red, you name it….boxers were being built in white picket fence suburbia.

The stories, tears, swearing and absolute bursts of laughter were what kept us all going. As a trainer it became a self fulfilling prophecy, I was their to motivate and educate them. And little did they know they were helping me thru the darkest days of my life.

As a trainer, I met so many amazing people. Those times in that small space were some of the happiest days of my life. Weddings, births, engagements, divorce, death…it was all shared there.

Hotbod wasn’t just a good idea, it was an amazing idea. Lil’ol me created a space where people became empowered. And if you think it was easy, it wasn’t. For nothing that looks easy ever is.

Hotbod may have closed years ago, but the mission is still the same…if you aren’t sweating, smiling and swearing…you just aren’t doing it right.

Boxing never left me, in fact it saved me. I mean I loved the sport so much I went on to marry a Professional Boxer and open a boxing gym in Thaland.   To his credit, he has just launched his book, The Bible of Boxing.. http://dennydenholm.com

And yes I will shamelessly plug his book here, as it has all you need to learn about the sweet science that I absolutely adore and has been my fountain of youth for over ten years now.

Oh and I still wear lycra xo

I am that trainer, I am Hotbod and so are you

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