Attitude Revolution



Knowing the author on such a personal level you would think it would be easy for me to put a foreword together to summarize this amazing man. It however has not bee an easy task at all.

This book can only be described as the, ‘tip of the iceberg’, to what this man has achieved and continues to achieve in his life to this day.

Actually, hand on my heart I would need to write another book just to try to capture his many journeys. Here is my very honest view from the year 2015 from the bird’s eye view of his biggest fan.

He has taught me so much in the years I have known him and with each situation that has arisen; I am always amazed with his grace under pressure, his ability to see every side and to always approach from the attitude of love.

The book that you are about to embark on, (I say embark because it is a journey), was written by a man who has experienced the hardest training in the military to come out a Royal Marine Commando at seventeen years old. Not only did he have a Green Beret, Denny had won the Welterweight Title of the Royal Marines and launched himself into a new world.

A young man, whose ego saw him reach the highest and lowest forms of debauchery, drugs and eventually prison. A man volunteered a career at war fighting for what he thought he believed in, whilst still trying to maintain his relationship with his long distance relationship with his son. He experienced divorce, humiliation and isolation from the very communities he was willing to defend. Eventually turning his back on love, he focused on a life in Australia close to his son.

This is a man who loves his faith and wants to embrace all others; he has travelled long and extensively to search for the meaning of it all and in doing so has overcome his own battles.

How was it possible for him to pick him self-up, let the dust settle and soldier on? With every step he took forward he started to notice that his approach, or his attitude, was dictating his time and energy. Facing his fears and possible abandonment from society, he chose to do the opposite of what would be considered a normal human response to incredibly stressful circumstances. He started to listen and engage in hard hitting situations where others would usually turn their backs, he would open himself up to the possibility that with the right attitude a positive solution could always be found.

This is where I come in; it was thru his light, character and his absolute magnitude of beaming, positive energy, that I was drawn to him. At first not in a romantic way, but like the many people who have come into contact with him, I was immediately drawn to his energy, honesty and his hope.

He exudes an energy and vibrancy that envelops all and leaves know one unnoticed.

As his travels have taken him far from his home in Scotland, he could see that his attitude was reflected in those that had experienced the harder side of life. His time spent in Iraq as a soldier and dealing with casualties of war, he witnessed how each persons attitude literally determined whether they lived or died. He noticed while travelling South East Asia in some of the most poorest of areas that those people were always smiling, regardless of their situation.

Then on the streets of Australia as he busked for money, he found the homeless people and those without anything were the ones willing to give the most. In LA he spoke with homeless war veterans and faced the reality of what war was really all about and how they coped. With each step that I have walked with him, his truth remains; your attitude to life is everything.

As the years with Denny have passed, this will be into our eighth year of knowing each other, he has evolved so much, and as a human that is really what we are all supposed to do right?

Even now I learn so much from this man and his approach to life in dealing with hard situations, with each one, he always comes with the intent from love.

Could you do the same?

This book is written for you and me, to help us find solutions in those situations that seem impossible.

Denny has written a heads up book from his personal experiences to teach you that there is always a solution as long as you can, ‘Just Get on With It’.

Thank you for taking me walkabout with you Dennyboy xx

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Attitude Revolution – Out Now

Bible of Boxing Volume One the Foundations – Out Now

Fighting Your Demons – Out Now On Now


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