I am that Wife

I am that Wife…



2012 Thailand

The jungle trek was proving to be a bit frustrating for Sam.

Sam being the elephant who was taking them deep into the jungle’s of Chaing Mai. His master had already told them that Sam was upset with them. As he went onto explain why, Sam’s trunk again extended over his head in desperate search for the banana treats that most rides provide. Fleur and Saul’s hands were unfortunately empty.

They had forgotten or rather hadn’t realised they should have bought those 40bht bananas as they mounted their safari cage. Fleur’s mind was racing, this was their wedding day, here in the jungle, on an elephant dressed in a white embroidered cotton caftan and matching white fisherman’s pants, Saul was in matching gear, minus the embroidery. How did they get here?

2010 Australia

‘If I was to ask you to marry me what would you say?” said Saul over his shoulder as he was packing the final bags into their new home. Fleur looked at him, wriggled her nose, this was the 6th time he had spoken like this, and she knew better than to fall for his set-ups. The first time he asked Fleur was outside a Domino’s pizza joint waiting for their Tuesday cheap date deals. ‘So, what would you say if I asked you to marry me’? She recalled her reaction, wide opened eyes, a light blush; she was in no way ready for that. Before she could answer he laughed it off, ‘Just kidding, wow you should have seen your face! By the 6th time, she wasn’t falling for it.

2012 Thailand

And yet here they were, in Thailand, on an elephant, 1000’s of miles away from Australia, family and friends. As the trek continued along and Sam’s trunk eagerly awaited the possibility of a miracle from their cage Fleur looked out to the mountains. Something bright was shining and then it disappeared. ‘No way’, she whispered under her breath…she glanced again. ‘Saul, do you see that’, she touched his wedding whites and pointed to the hills. There thru the trees was a cross. Saul tapped the Masters shoulder and asked for their ride to steady them closer to that mark.

The trek thru was easy; a tribe was set at the foot of the cross-called the Aka’s tribe, the long necks. The tribe lived in huts with dirt floors and hammocks, bare in it’s form but with all the needed necessities. As they walked thru they saw a church at the end of the town. Saint Nicholas was the chapel and Fleur and Saul were still a bit in shock as they entered the Catholic Church.

A pastor was passed out at the base of the altar, ‘Perfect’, said Saul, ‘We have our witness.’

They were both so bewildered by the day’s events; this was not at all what they had been expecting. They set about setting up the camera to take self-shots, when a German family walked in. A young son with his parents, the boy looked to Fleur and Saul and asked if his family was interrupting a wedding. Fleur and Saul just looked at each other and said, ‘Well yes and no, a wedding yes but you are not interrupting. The young boy offered to take the photos and with that in agreeance the couple went about composing them selves for their hand written vows.

2010 Australia

She had just finished her morning shift of clients and was packing for their first weekend away as a couple. Both sets of children were with their respective ex’s and Saul had organized for a weekend away. He wasn’t giving anything away, all he said to Fleur was ‘just pack for anything’.

He had also handed her his book, the very book he had started writing 2 years ago and was now on the market. ‘I need you to read this, it’s about me and maybe if you think I am too much for you hopefully by after this weekend we should know where we stand with each other.

That was last night and after her packing she had a few hours before he was to come pick her up. Fleur opened the first page and set about getting to know the man behind the writer.

2012 Australia

Excuse me miss can I get you to stand to the side. It was midnight; Fleur, Saul and Cupid were standing at the border patrol waiting to go thru. Saul had gone first and they had spoken of this the night before. Once he goes thru passport he can’t come back thru. As frightening as that possibility was Fleur knew there was no other way around it.

The past week had been a blur. From the moment she had seen the Fb message from her sister to the nightmare that had unfolded in front of her. She couldn’t get a hold of any of her children, she was being accused of murder and drug smuggling. The arrival into Brisbane had been with much fear, She had been threatened with jail upon her arrival back into the country. Threatened with her children never having contact with her and all this on top of a horrible suicide. In the days leading up to finding Cupid she had only been able to see him under watch at his school. The whole school she was to find out later had been put on lockdown just at the sheer mention of Fleur and Saul arriving into the country.

From there she was able to organise a visit with Cupid her youngest. And from there everything just went faster. Cupid was in shock, he had just lost his Dad and was now telling his Mother that he was sent to the police station to write a statement to not have anything to do with her.

‘Enough, enough!, Fleur closed her eyes and started to breathe slowly and calm herself. Action was required. Fear was not an option. How this all happened was irrelevant what was needed was reasoning and distance.

So she did what every Mother would do to protect her young, she kept her son. He agreed. The days that followed were nothing short of a nightmare, screams of threats from family, cries from her daughter pleading with her not to break the children up. Heart wrenching, as that was Fleur knew her In-laws were wrong. And they had intimidated her long enough.

She called Saul, told her her plan and he quietly said, ‘I got your back baby.’ Thank you she whispered as she put down the phone and looked at Cupid, ‘Are you sure about this’…Yes Mom, I want to do this.

2010 Australia

She could hear him pull up in the driveway. ‘You ready baby’

Fleur looked up over his book and smiled. ‘Well’, she said, this could be a very interesting weekend’. She had just finished the last page of his first book, Fighting Your Demons, Denny Denholm.

2012 Australia

As the situation was unfolding to Fleur and police officers were now heading towards her and Cupid, she started to crumble. Cupid was crying in her shoulder and tears were running down her face. Saul had already gone thru, she was on her own.

As another police officer was walking towards her and Cupid, he stopped suddenly and headed to the direction that Saul had just been thru. Actually now she realized all the officers were leaving her side as a seen was starting to unfold. All she could see was a man’s arm with a passport coming back thru, it was Saul.

‘I won’t leave you Fleur, I am your family’.

I am married to a hero, I am that wife, I am that rebel who took action, I am that survivor who said no to fear, I am that Pirate who used the broken rules in her favour, I am that victim who stood up and said NO. I am that Mother who would do anything for her kids…. even letting them go. I am Fighting my Demons…and I have been given the strength to do so.

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