Sometimes you just gotta talk this stuff out

Welcome to iamthiswomanblog....

We all have a lot in who we are and what shapes our 
choices, decisions and of course our attitudes 
towards each stage of our life.  

What type of woman are you?  

I’m that Daughter
I’m that Wife
I’m that Mother
I’m that Sister
I’m that Survivor
I’m that Victim
I’m that Rebel
I’m that Spiritual
I’m that Artist
I’m that Lost
I’m that Happy
I’m that Step Mom
I’m that Friend
I’m that Lonely
I’m that Empowered
I’m that Trainer
I’m that Citizen
I’m that Pirate
I’m that Traveller
I’m that Divorcee
I’m that Widower
I’m that Cougar
I’m that Raw
I am This Woman

One thought on “Sometimes you just gotta talk this stuff out

  1. Hey Lisa, happy to be the first to write on your blog as you were the first to join me on my debut book, Fighting Your Demons seven years ago. What a journey this has been.

    We met up in January 2009 and have only spent seven days apart when I went to Thailand to be my mates best man. You joined me there after that and we have never been apart. You are my addiction.

    Your honesty, endless love, courage and dignity have inspired me to write three more books and a novel which will be the size of Peace and War when completed. You know my philosophy, write about everything and anything, always and with no fear. The bad grammar and spelling mistakes are seen by no one and can be fixed later. I love being part of your life and will always be a part of it.

    Go Girl and take your story to the world!

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